[SOLVED] Siege of Stonehold Help!

Guys can you help me on siege of stonehold? its IMPOSSIBLE!

There are some other posts about this here. Basically it is supposed to be difficult! Make sure you have plenty of health (Like 500 I think). Also you’ll need good strategy, use the skills you’ve learned. (And look for the other thread with more help)

I tried all the skills but the ogres are just too op and the other posts dont help.

How many hit points do you have, and what weapon, that it’s too hard right now?

I have 27.62 damage and 505 health

Okay. With that health, it should be pretty hard, but doable, as long as you find a way to let your soldiers soak up the damage while you help kill things and protect your archers.

We may also make it a bit easier soon, but I’m going to gather some more data first, since it’s in Adventurer testing week right now.

I did it with 28dps long sword and 498 health no problem.

Here’s my clumsy code if you want to take a look at:

    enemy = self.findNearestEnemy()
    flag = self.findFlag("green")
    if flag:
    elif enemy:
        if self.isReady("cleave"):

Here is the other Stonehold thread link if you are still having troubles:


Thank you SO MUCH it worked! youre awesome sam :smile:

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I used Sam’s code, killed a bunch of ogres alongside my peasants, then near the end I simply hung out by the ‘base’ until the timer ran out.

Not everything has to die. Simply you need to not die.

Nick: I don’t have the super jump boots… so I’m not sure exactly how they work… but couldn’t you simply play dodge using really really fast boots & lots of health?

I don’t think you are correct @rytrik You do have to kill everyone as well as survive. I’ve survived many times without winning because they weren’t all dead.

Sorry but using someone’s codes makes you failure , this lvl is made to makes you use all the lesson you had learn before , don’t wait for help use your own code andif they didn’t works for some reason then put them here and ask for help

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@dwhittaker actually i have less than 500 hp and i killed them all , it weird how ppl getting trouble in that lvl :confused:

Yeah, I ended up winning with only about 110 HP. :slight_smile:

Challenge accepted, ReFinig.

I had also attempted this at a different point - will give it a go with my own code.
I embrace failure.

And isn’t using someone’s code the whole basis behind Linux? :wink:

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I beat it with 186 HP lol but it took like me like 15 trys so yea.

hi there, I have problem in "Siege of Stonehold " i face sudden frozen and hanging of all thing and nothing work. why it happen?

Hi Arash, would love to fix this up for you. Can you describe in more detail (maybe with some screenshots) the freezing problem you’re seeing?