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Incorrect Gem Awarding on defeating Backwoods Brawl multiple times


After beating Backwoods Brawl a couple of times beyond the first, I started to notice that the number of gems my that were being awarded to my character weren’t the same as the amount of gems that the graphic was saying I earned for defeating the level. For instance after defeating it the first time, I earned something around +100 gems which was correctly awarded to my character, but after defeating it the second time I earned something in the +200’s but my characters gems only increased by about 100 and after defeating it the third time it said I earned something in the +300’s, but my characters gems only increased by about 100 again. Wonder if it is stuck awarding the same amount that I earned from beating it the first time over and over again.

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Hey rigelb, the confusion is in the interface: it shows you the total amount of gems you have earned from beating the brawl, but it starts counting up from 0 instead of counting from how many it had awarded last time. I have a TODO somewhere to work on this.

The formula for repeatable level reward scaling is 0.125x2 + x, so the first several times you beat it, the linear term dominates. So as to not blow out the gem economy, we save the exponential growth on rewards for the very high difficulty levels that we hope are impervious to any hilarious tricks.

I am considering raising the quadratic factor a little bit, though.


Thanks nick, I’m guessing that this interfacing issue is the same for all of the replayable levels and I can expect this same type of behavior on all of the replayable levels and I don’t need to worry about it being an error.


Hello, nick, I propose to put it on FAQ. I think it’s an important knowledge regarding game economy. Also it may help to avoid that.


Sure, I’ve put that in the FAQ.

This UI bug is such a pain–I’m going to try to fix it before the end of the month.


If I recall correctly, it now starts counting up from the amount of gems that you have earned so far in the repeatable level. But well, the animation is rather subtle and it is not clear that the gems count is the total accumulated from all rounds in the given repeatable level instead of being linked to your current victory only.

Perhaps the concept from the new PvP AI achievements could be reused here? I mean, make each round show a new reward xp and gems counter in the victory screen, while keeping the previous ones in the victory screen as well. I’m not sure if there would be room to display all the counters once you have beat 8~10 rounds or so though, I’m not sure about scrolling.


Here is another suggestion: If the user has already beaten at least one round, display an “Already earned on previous rounds” section in the victory screen, which is shown as already unlocked (no unlock/counting animations) and contains the sum of all previous rounds’ exp and gems. Then, below the “Already earned on previous rounds” section, show an achievement for the round that has just been beaten, containing the appropriate reward amounts and the unlock/counting up animations.



Why all this hassle? Why not keep it simple and display the currently earned gems only? That would be clear for everyone, and solve this issue once and for all…


@ant I guess that can be a good solution too. Though, all the non-repeatable levels show the total earned rewards (including the ones earned in previous submissions) in some way or another, so I made suggestions that would not violate this design pattern.