Problem: Only 1/2 of promised gems added to gems counter

Strange thing is that 4th level of Backwoods Brawl should add to my gems ~500 as was written after level ended, but I noticed ~ 200 were in fact added. Same thing with 3th level of Backwoods Treasure - should be ~ 400, but ~170 added :neutral_face:

The thing about the repayable levels is that the the gem counter only adds the number of gems greater than the ones you already received playing the level. For example, say you got three hundred gems by beating Backwoods Brawl, level 0. If you beat it again, and it says you get five hundred gems, you would only receive two hundred.

For more information, go here: Incorrect Gem Awarding on defeating Backwoods Brawl multiple times

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Ah, thx for explanation!