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[SOLVED] Too Many Gems(?)

Umm… So right after I beat I level, before I beat it, I had like, 550 gems, I got plus 189 or something like that, and now my gem counter is 1193. Excuse me? Nick?

Were you simulating games? They might have given you some gems…

Nope. I was legitmately playing.

I mean simulating games on the multiplayer leaderboards.

No. Actually, I playing by myself, if that’s what you mean.

No @mayro he wants to say that you can win lots of gems by simply fightning (or simulating battles where the computer selects the player and fight alone) in the multiplayer areas. Here is a topic that will help you answer your questions.

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oh, that makes sense. But still, it said +189. I dont know why it gave me that much.

And also completing the levels that become harder everytime you play them again ( the replayable levels).

Have I answerd your question or is there anything else you want us to explain you?

Well, yes. I might start doing those challenges, but for now, I’m focusing on the main campaign.
But reguardless, I still didn.t do anything extra, and I still got more gems than intended.

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Good luck then! :smiley:

But I mean, hey, if nobody thinks its a bug, im not gonna go crying about it

No, it is not a bug because it also happened to me when I got like 1000 gems, so we already know about this.:wink:

It’s probably gems earned via. achievements.