Indentation Error (Second Kithmaze) Python

Hey, so I am currently on the level The Second Kithmaze, and i’m trying to do a loop but I get a little popup saying “Too Much Indentation at the beginning of this line” which confuses me, because I was told to do 4 spaces before each line so it could loop.
(four spaces here) hero.moveRight()
(four spaces here) hero.moveUp()
(four spaces here) hero.moveRight()
(four spaces here) hero.moveDown()
this is my code, if anybody could help this could be really great, I did this earlier on a different computer at school and it worked fine.

if this is all your code
you are lack the loop

while True:

It says do four spaces, but do a tab instead, much cleaner and easier. But, also, you need to use a while loop. then put the movements inside of the while. But, formating your code does help.