Infinite Inferno unable to load level

So I changed my code, and now I’m unable to fight myself because it says it is “Unable to Load Level”. However, when I try and fight someone else using the exact same code that I submitted, I am able to enter and the program is able to run. Does anyone know why?

I think maybe @Chaboi_3000 might help. IM afraid I have not play infinite inferno yet, but someone other also had this bug

@Deadpool198 can you help out? (Sorry if not.)

This is what I like to do
Proceed to the next step if one does not work

  1. Refresh the Page

  2. Reset your computer

  3. If all else fails shut down your computer and wait like 10 minutes

I hope this helps you out

I shut down my computer and opened it up again, and I still can’t battle myself. Can someone else try battling me? My link is

yeah, I did and beat you)

Was the code the one that sent my rangers to the middle and then do nothing?

Yup, that’s what your code currently does via that link.

Is there an error in the browser’s JavaScript console that shows when you try to battle yourself?

Now that I’ve changed which function is running, I’m able to run the level.