Invisibility and implications

So i was testing against different people on Cavern Survival and several issues arise when facing Glacian.
First, how is he staying invisible longer than 4 seconds? i thought the only invisibility item was the ring.
Second, how can you re-target something that went invisible for a while? My guy will just stand idly even after he re-appears and i have no idea why.

Naria has a hide ability that allows her to hide for five seconds.

Not sure about re-targeting someone; I haven’t ran into that problem before. findEnemies() should be able to find all visible alive enemies within range (and eyesight).

i did some checking, i can keep track of an invisible enemy, but the action of trying to attack an invisible enemy breaks your character and renders him incapable of attacking that target by normal means, hide seems kinda overpowered anyway. Oh well ppw for the win again i guess.

Well, only thing you have to do is spend 10$ one time and you have one month to grab all heroes. Despite of this, it is absolutely clear that the CodeCombat-Team also wants to earn money with this. Instead of complaining that their is a slightly imbalanced feature be happy that there are so many levels for free. If you find this arena unfair, simply try another one. Zero-sum is a mirror-match with a wizard (Pender) and the Ace-of-Coders-Map is also a mirror-match (with Onar). There even is a tournament going on on Ace-of-Coders

Might be a strong ability, but you can’t attack. Also there are other heroes with strong abilities. Naria might be able to hide and use the time to run away a bit, but other heroes also have strong abilities. And if you don’t want to deal with that as all there are still the already mentioned other arenas.

That is a likely a bug. Can you try to find a bit more about it and then report it on GitHub please? It would be best if you can describe when exactly this happens (only on attack, also on move(enemy.pos), …). Thanks in advance.

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