Iron and Ice Patch Notes

Here I will post updates and changes for the “Iron and Ice” arena.

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  • Added "burst" ability. It’s like “push” but stronger and quick.
  • added hero.findActiveAnomalies() so you can react on your opponent actions (how about to neutralize “push” with “pull”?)

Just a reminder – you can build towers on both sides of the map :wink:

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  • Tower cost is 25 mana now (was 50)

Added hero.setTargeting method. Now you can configure your towers how they choose targets.

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  • wave duration 10 → 12 seconds
  • monster health increased
  • some monsters speed changed
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The new power has been added!

"teleport" takes a group of monsters in a certain range and teleports them toward the opponent base (not closer than 10m from the base).

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levelFactorReducing for ‘frost’ towers 0.02 => 0.01

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Changed the level damage progression to logarithmic function. The previous function was not useful after 20th level :slight_smile:

So now it’s worthy to upgrade towers until the level 4 and then build new towers.

getActiveAnomalies can tell you about teleport usage now. It’s a short window to read it (0.3 seconds I think, but it’s discussable and we can keep it longer in the list). So now you can teleport monsters back :wink:

Mage towers got faster attack and now its missiles have the piercing ability and do triple damage to flying units.

Mage tower damage 13 → 5


Archer damage reduced,
Cannon damage increased,
Teleport spell has 0.3 seconds stun on monsters so you have time to counteract (a discussable feature which maybe will be changed).

Mage tower damage 4 → 4.5
Mage attack range 30 (it was so, just missed in docs)
Mage flying enemies coef 3 → 4