Iron Link Ring Released!

The Iron Link Ring

A ring forged in the fires of Kithgard with iron that is stronger than the bones of a dragon… Nothing powerful comes without a cost. To harness the powers of the new Iron Link ring, you must sacrifice a friend…

The new ring grants a strong “Iron-link” ability that makes one target absorb all of the damage received by another target for 5 seconds! Use it wisely, as you can only cast the spell once every 15 seconds.

Iron Link Spell

Syntax: hero.cast("iron-link", recipient, tanker)
For 5 seconds, any damage taken by the recipient is instead absorbed by the tanker. However, the tanker must be on the same team as the recipient. You cannot sacrifice a foe for an ally.



Try this ring in combat for 870 :gem:! You will be able to unlock it at level 14!

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It looks like there was a bug that crashed the game if a summonable unit died or had the iron link spell. It should be fixed, but since it’s a new item, there might be more bugs in the future. Please let me know if you come across more problems.