Two New Rings Released!

Undying Ring

Did you know ogres had rings? This one has their chieftain Oniko’s undying might trapped within, allowing you to charm an ally with the undying-charm spell. When the charmed ally takes in a fatal hit, they will come back to life, gaining few seconds of immunity and healing some of their health. Purchase this ring for 1300 :gem: from the store!

Korath’s Promise

Legends say that whoever wears this ring will be bestowed with the vengeance of the great ogre Korath. With this ring, you can charm you or an ally with the counter-blast spell. When the charmed unit receives 5 hits of damage, they will explode, releasing a wave that damages any nearby units, friend and foe alike with the damage received in those 5 hits. Purchase this powerful ring for 6300 :gem: from the store!