Ironjaw this.action on jump changes too quickly

When Ironjaw jumps, his action changes to jump, but only briefly. His action should remain jump the entire duration of the ability.

In the game I saw the error, he jumped at 5.s, landed at ~6.1s. I could see the action was jump until 5.3s, at which point it changed to move. At 5.5s I terrified him, and he was terrified when he landed.

Opponent id for reference: 532a67a72042708b711a663e

I have a similar issue where Ironjaw gets bugged and infinitely casts jump. In this game, he cast jump relatively early on. My code is assuming that the Ironjaw will stop casting jump at some point (next couple of seconds), but he never does.

id for reference: 535080c3da7031b3060fdf73

The jump cooldown does end partway through the jump, so he can attack in midair if he wants.

In the code I see against that player, it seems that he’s not infinitely trying to jump–he’s just not doing anything besides jumping if his jump cooldown is 0, so when he’s done jumping, he just stands there. (Unless you have changed your code since?)

Okay, the first bug is fine then if it’s expected behaviour. As for the second one, it’s still a problem for me.

I tried a test with the following code:

if(this.enemyHero && this.enemyHero.action) {
    this.say( + this.enemyHero.action);

I added it to see if the game could detect he was not always jumping. I always got jump, and it updated every 0.1s. My hero code only saw him jumping. The only instance he stopped the jump action was when he got terrified, but if I never terrified I only saw the jump action, as indicated by the code above.