Is it possible to save a campaign in one language, then start a new from the beginning?

Hi all :slight_smile:

I choose Python (default language) when I started Codecombat but found out I rather want to learn JavaScript.

Is it possible to save my campaign with the Python language and start a new one from the beginning with JavaScript ?

Thank you

Hi there,

At this time, no. We don’t have the ability to allow you to save progress in one language and start over in another.

You can reset your progress by going to and using the option on the bottom right.


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can you add an ability in codecombat discourse where you can delete topics?

Is that because of the topic @ct29 had made in the topic he made on accident?

Admin can delete topics.


The Admins, A.k.a, the Leaders.


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Generally, we’d prefer not to have topics deleted. Whatever information you asked for might be useful to another user at a later date.