Is it still possible to do Alpine Rally without Pender?

I accidently started Alpine Rally with Hattori Hanzo but i didn’t know I was supposed to start it with Pender Spellbane and now I can’t switch. What do I do?

Click on the game menu in the middle and then select, “change hero.”

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thx a lot :grinning:

I don’t have pender… is it still possible to finish?

Zana’s the second fastest, try her? Unless… you don’t have her either, do you?

no zana is the fastest at 16 meters per second pender is only at 14 meters per second

I beat it with 6 heroes already. They are omarn, usara, naria, zana, and ritic. It’s fun to try to beat the levels with different heroes.

I am gonna share my strategies:

For omarn, just keep brewing speed potions and hasting, cast invis when you get to the scouts.
For usara, keep summoning stuff to lure the yetis away, summon a robobomb to clear the scouts. Use the blue fox pet if you can.
For naria, use advantage of the hide ability, you gotta time it well and cast the spell right when the yeti is about to get you. Use invis ring too.
For zana, get as much health/speed as possible, get invis ring, and dash to the end while casting invis in the middle.

For ritic, same strategy applys for naria, you can also use vortex to clear the scouts, and phaseshift to the end. You can also do wall of darkness, which will make the yeti flee.

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Yeah, but Pender has haste which makes her temporarily faster