Alpine Rally, but not Pender?

Seems like Zana might be faster than Pender in terms of consistent speed, as she has a base speed of 16 meters/second, my boots giving an additional 2.5, my Ring of Speed giving 5, and my helmet and chestplate giving 3. This totals to 26.5 meters per second! Even Yetis can’t catch up :rofl:
Here’s the clip of it(Gosh the quality when made a gif is horrible…):
Might be better if the level restricted the heroes to Pender…


I agree, Zana is way too fast.

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she has like super speed

Yeah, Zana is fast… Without haste!
How did you make a gif?

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If you used mac you can record it using quickfinder or command + shift + 5. If Windows I have no idea cause I don’t use it.

You can do Windows + G, and I’m pretty sure it opens the game window which you can record your screen.

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I don’t understand, how can I do this on computer (and not Mac)

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I think it says very clearly :rofl:

When I click Windows G nothing happened… :anguished:

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Turns out Pender could be made super-fast too. :rofl:


u can also do it with ARRYN STONEWALL

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I did it with ritic, and just blinked 25m to the left over and over again, and then got pushed by yetis to the x.