Is Naria actually useful?

Naria’s in a pretty awkward position both being quite costly, but low-end stats.
From what I see envenom and hide are both relatively weak abilities. Senick seems to be more cost-effective and has a much higher survivability. Zana, on the other hand, has a crazy amount of speed, and decent abilities. Would there be a situation to choose Naria over Senick?

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Yes, sometimes you need Hide on 5 seconds. Also, I think envenom is cool ability. But anyway, I think Senick is better. (in my opininon)


That’s cool. How much damage exactly does envenom do?

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You can perhaps review these topics, it may answer your question.

@weary the talk was about Naria, not Naflar.


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My sincerest apologies @Carrots. I need to sleep… my brain wasn’t really paying attention.


I don’t have Naria, but I think envenom is something like 500.

  • I know what naira is
  • I don’t know

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hero.hide() makes you invisible to all units for 5 seconds, or until you attack
hero.envenom() doubles the damage dealt to the target in the next attack
Personally, I think Naria is really good if used correctly, especially hero.envenom(). Combine that with a backstab and Naria might probably deal the most damage possible for heroes (maybe)
~ Orb


Awesome explanation! Thanks. Now that you mention it, Naria may be very powerful in dueling grounds. Dropped a :heart:


I would recommend zana in the dueling grounds because she is fast