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Zana is very OP in Dueling grounds

My blue code on dueling grounds (which is the same as the code which is on the red side) gets beaten by this Zana, I wouldn’t normally mind that, but the problem is that I don’t get to cast anything or attack at all except summon one griffin rider. This is because she constantly casts pacify and paralyse which means for the whole time I’m stuck. This makes it literally impossible to win against her without changing your tactics so much they’re useless on other players. (on duelling grounds)
Try it out by playing agains her. (Spectate seems to be broken)
From the first few seconds I’m stuck, so for the rest of the match I’m a sitting duck for her and her archers. I think it’s a bit one-sided.
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p.s. my code is working fine, it’s not an error.

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Wait a second, Zana got released to dueling grounds?

What’s their ladder position lol

13th, she’s released everywhere (Zana is released!)
I know 13th isn’t exactly amazing but I think the way she makes it impossible to do anything is a bit unfair. What do you think?
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well did get 120 damage on zana but literally couldn’t move after Zana does paralyze and pacify.

Your hero gets super slow after pacify which is really dumb cuz the word pacify means to limit your combat abilities not your speed.


Yeah, lol. I could get some damage with a bomb, or maybe backstab, but after that it’s useless.
I think her abilities should be limited, @Chaboi_3000 any thoughts?
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cast invis first and then build fire traps all around Zana and blow her up?

u cant attack while invis but u can build right :stuck_out_tongue:

Wait how do you cast invisibility? Haven’t played CC in a long time

It’s hero.cast(“invisibility”, hero) right?

But i get infinite loop when i do that :thinking:

Pacify makes your hero slow, weak for a few seconds. Zana is a pretty expensive hero so her abilities are supposed to be better than most heroes. Plus, Senick is cheaper than Zana, so you should expect her to be more stronger than Senick right?

Here’s the plan for nerfs:
Make cooldown for Zana Paralyze longer
Make speed factor for Zana Pacify to a higher value.

Not sure how it would be performance wise, however, you could possibly make a check at the beginning on wether or not he enemy hero is zana, and if, then use a new coded tactic, otherwise, keep the old one, no?

stronger is relative, what one would expect more is for her to be more “special” in terms of abilities and stuff. For Player versus Player / Code versus Code you’d still want it to be a competition with code, instead of mostly hero choices and then followed by code.

However, if it’s possible to change tactics in a way that one can win against zana, with a different hero than having zana oneself, then theres not REALLY a need to nerf unless it’s just “too strong”.

But in my opinion overall, it’d be normal to have to make some changes in code and tactics if a new character gets added that has another style for battle. Adaptablity is important for these things afterall!
To just rely on a single tactic against every possible enemy, even new special ones and expecting a win isn’t necessarily the correct way :stuck_out_tongue: but then again, I’m not better either. Just wanted to tell my opinions regarding what i read here. (haven’t seen zana yet, so i myself can’t say if zana is too strong or similar)

I’ve been considering writing multiple codes for different heroes, but the challenge is identifying the hero. If I remember correctly, the id for all hero enemies is either Hero Placeholder or Hero Placeholder 1 which wouldn’t help. You would need to identify their type to run the different codes. I’ve been able to identify a few types of heroes, but not all yet. (I just haven’t taken the time so research them all and I couldn’t find the type in their thang list). Does anyone have a complete list of the heroes and their types?

In case the Thang-Editor name is the type of the hero:
Otherwise, atleast I’ll be able to find the heroes in the thang-editor with this list now.

"Captain"	-	Anya
"Knight"	-	Tharin
"Champion"	-	Ida
"Duelist"	-	Alejandro
"Ninja"		-	Amara
"Librarian"	-	Hushbaum
"Samurai"	-	Hanzo
"Trapper"	-	Senick
"Potion Master"	-	Omarn
"Stalwart"	-	Gordon
"Forest Archer"	-	Naria
"Sorcerer"	-	Pender
"Raider"	-	Arryn
"Necromancer"	-	Nalfar
"Assassin"	-	Ritic
"Goliath"	-	Okar
"Pixie"		-	Zana
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Just make sure that you have the ring and check to see if your hero is ready for invisibility so you don’t get stuck waiting on the cool-down period.

Hm i did check for readiness and i do have the ring but when i try to cast it i get infinity loop

Like below. Something else might be interacting with the code. If this doesn’t work, I’ll have to see what else you have.

if hero.isReady("invisibility"):
    hero.cast("invisibility", hero)

Literally all I have right now for my code is:

while True:
    if hero.isReady("invisibility"):
        hero.cast("invisibility", hero)
        enemy = findEnemyHero()
        if enemy:
            hero.buildXY("fire-trap", enemy.pos.x, enemy.pos.y)

Even with just the cast invisibility line i’m still getting infinite loops

Are you sure the infinite loops are on your end, not your opponents side? (possibly?) Is there an X beneath you, or the enemy hero?

It’s on my end.

When there’s no code the game goes out fine.

But when i put that line in, i get infinity loop and the gameplay just wont load. And i get infinite loop message when i try to play the level.

Who are you playing against? The Red Simple CPU on this level has bad code and will lock you up when you use invisibility. Switch to a different enemy once. Harrowland has the same problem. Thanks.

I was fighting Zana and when i cast invis i get infinite loop

Shouldn’t happen if i dont fight against CPU right