Which hero should I buy?

Right now I only have 30 more levels in the glacier until I’m finished with the game, I have 10131 gems right now, but I want to save up for Ursara because I want to test it. The problem is, I also want Okar as I’m a big fan of it. Should I save up for Ursara, or Okar?

What other heros do you have?

Nalfer, Naria, Hushbrem, Ninja, Hattori, Pender, Senick, Omarn; and the free heroes.

I think okar or Zana since Zana is fast and is great for duelling grounds but her damage is a slight problem but she has some cool abilities. but okar has a ton of health but is slow but has a ton of cool abilities

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I think Ursara because she can summon a robobomb that can knock over a brawler, and she can summon two baby yetis.

for the replayables okar or usara
dont get the following heros: Ritic (too expensive for the power e z defeated with nalfar) zana (worthless unless u want SPEED) amara (just use senick) usara (Your choice this hero MAY seem good but it generally sucks as robobombs can damage you as well and DONT GET ARRYN she may seem good but she falls out of range in mid-late game.

This is a list of heros tiered

S+ Nalfar,okar
S ritic,suprizingly omarn
A+usara and illia
A arryn gordon and senick
B+ ned and Armando
B the free heros (beginer heros and the heroes such as hushbum)
C Zana and pender (too less hp)
F Naria (girl i like u as a hero but ur too weak)

And yes Zana the 8.5k gem hero is worse than the free heroes.
This is my oppinion but please feel free to change

Meh, i kinda disagree.

Zana is quite op if u big brain it. Although, this subject has been discussed on lots of other topics. I suggest you guys make a topic about the hero rankings in your opinions or talk in the topic if there’s already one(and maybe if it is not dead?).
Also something @Chaboi_3000 said will deciding which was the best hero

Hard to code and control though, To understand what’s happening.

Just try the easy one, Then, Once you’re achieved, You can go on to harder and progress through.

Not like hard to easy, I mean, It will just make you give up Codecombat Immediately, So, Start with easy, And go like that.