Is Omarn worth buying?

Is Omar worth buying him? I have best staff, armor, and all the books. And if, what should I get for him (for example what magic type)

Omarn is a basic hero, for newbie subscribers, but if you want all of the heroes, then you should purchase him, but since you have Nalfar, I find no reasons to purchase Omarn, but it’s your choice if you want to purchase Omarn or not. But all stats are unique, (except for the 4 starter heroes. So Omarn might have an advantage in some levels. :wink:

Omarn isn’t the best in any of his stats. btw isn’t Hushbaum the basic hero?

I’m saying he’s a basic hero,

yea you should. Its cool cuz then you can say that you have all of the heroes. i reccomend pender she is sooooo good. her stats are awsome other than her health but her reset cooldown and manablast make up for that

ritic could one-shot her.

using a backstabbing item.

Nalfar is great too! (I prefer him for the best tactic in the world, sacrificing all your friends) But when you reach a lot of health, the game is laggy and often crashes D:

@xantar my game never crashes…

btw try out my newest level, created just to crash/freeze your computer/browser

My computer will not even start it I guess xD

he is good cuz he can use skill throw that deal kinda lot of damage

How how much does he cost?

1800 gemsssah how much do u have

Oh. I bought him without knowing.