Is Sacred Statue 11 playable?

I completed Sacred Statue 10 today, being the second person so far to do so. This took WAY too long, but not because of a coding issue (nalfar + lightning twig makes this extremely easy), but because Chrome literally couldn’t open the level most of the time, let alone run a submit. I’m pretty sure this is because of how many thangs the level has, and it just can’t render them. I’m now trying to push for a SS 11 completion, but I’m not sure it’s even possible. Is there a way to force a level to open, instead of having it complain about an infinite loop (the error that it throws whenever the level takes to long to open)?

Scared Statue 11 is possible (in the scores everybody has - 1 to their real score, so the top guy has 11). I know a trick how to open a level fast, but it does not guarantee that when you submitted it won’t just stop loading. You can put random stuff in your code which will cause error in your code, run the code, and leave it like that. Next time you open the level, it will be fast, however, don’t forget to delete the error so you can submit. Hope this tip helps! Otherwise, you just need a very good computer.