Really guys, really

how has no one beaten me in 2 years???

i am disappointed i would think some genius would come and beat me but alas i am still number one, also still top in some other leaderboards

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Which level is this? Some levels are impossible to get above a certain score. Quite a few people tied you…(also good job on getting that score :wink:)

Sacred Statue, i know i was 12 seconds off beating my own score once but lvl generation was not in my favor

I see. So the numbers indicate what level difficulty it is. I think since replayable brawls double in difficulty, even if someone codes better than you, they essentially have to code twice as well as you in order to get a better score. (side note: Also, at some point, the level probably crashes because of the number of thangs :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) I feel that for sacred statue the Nalfar strategy is, summon stuff, sacrifice stuff, and then attack stuff with lightning twig :smiley:. Myabe you can come up with an innovative strategy :wink: .

I actually use a similar strat but not the same, sorry but i cant show you my code for reasons

I know. I’m just saying most people that got 9 is using the same strategy, so if they are to get to ten(to beat you) they would have to try something completely new, because I think no matter how much you optimize the code using this strategy, it will be difficult to win(unless you sit summoning stuff and sacrificing them until 40 seconds…but then the game lags)

yea i understand, i was wondering tho what other strat could give enough beefiness?

I have no idea(since I think Nalfar is the best character in the game for outlasting enemies…)

Well… To be fair, I think I would have got 10 with the invincible Nalfar strat (completely stolen (from you? Or maybe some earlier player?) :smile:) But alas, as in your case, the sheer number of thangs broke the level. It’s time for a supercomputer I think…
About another beefy strat. I don’t think any current hero could do it, you need the ridiculous health of the sacrifice and also the heightened damage and AoE effect of the lightning twig. Ursara might be able to, one of her abilities is to steal stats from troops for a limited time…

lol Archion Exposed??? Yea maybe took a little inspiration but like 1% was my own code lol

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