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When the level is greater than 9 it doesn't load

When I go to levels like Sacred Statue (when the level is greater than 9), in" Submit" the level stops loading, and the system writes that an infinite loop is detected in my code, although I am 99% sure that it is not there. In General, in some levels, this kind of cycles simply do not exist.

Since this moment level stops loading. Please, help me with this problem!

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@Deadpool198 touched on this in another topic. While it’s pretty much just a guess (I’m guessing), it’s a darn good one:

[paraphrased]…“when you get to the higher levels, there are just too many objects for the game engine to handle, so it effectively times out.”

This makes very good sense to me. If you’d like to help prove/disprove the idea and are willing, PM your code (do NOT post it here please) so that someone else can see if they get the same issue.

I’m using a high end (workstation class) PC, but I still seem to run in to this on occasion…it was mentioned that maybe trying on a ‘better’ PC would make a difference…we’re still pretty unsure about this one though.


Well, I forgot to ask about the hero being used. Unfortunately, the only wizard I have unlocked is Pender, so not going to be able to help much here.

I did take a look at the code and agree, there is nothing I can see that would be causing the issue. In fact, the code is quite elegant and efficient.


This also happens while making a level in the level editor.