Is the level after Kelvintaph Glacier still in development?

Or is it a secret top level?

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Kevintalph Glacier can be played on but new levels do keep coming.

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I’m talking about the level after Kelvintalph Glacier.

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I honestly didn’t know it was there was so I actually have no idea. But you can always ask @nick!

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@LordCthulhu There is a post talking about naming that campaign. ( “the lava world”) From what I understand it does not exist yet. Or if it does I do not see the levels for it uploaded in the level editor area.

Kelvintaph Glacier could also use a lot more levels, so I am guessing more new levels will be added there before the next world is begun.

If you have completed all possible levels (paid and non paid) why not try your hand at creating a level for Kelvintaph Glacier. I looked at adding “Thangs” and “Levels” as the next level after completing all possible levels.

You could even add more decor to current levels that need it.


Wiki to learn how to create a level:

I looked at the last level (campaign/world) as “You have completed all possible levels” now its time to help us build the game! ??? what will that game look like? help us create it!


For instance here is one of my posts for the creation of new “Thangs” for the game. I am working on extracting cool objects from the level backgrounds so there are more items to place.

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