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Next level after Kelvintaph Glacier?


Hello everyone, this may sound weird because I have not gotten to Kelvintaph Glacier, but what`s the next level after that?


It will be something Volcano. Check out a thread on the same

Final name not announced yet


Would I have access to play it? Or is it still being created, and developed :neutral_face:


Still in development. There’s not even a name yet.


Ok thanks :grinning:, is there any way I could help come up with the names or something :no_mouth:


Yes, why not. Just post it on this [thread][1]. The name is not fixed yet. The names you suggest may end up being the world name or name of the many levels in this new hitherto hypothetical world.

Also do check up the many names already suggested by many enthusiasts (include me too). Nick has even selected some and hopes to use those names from the same [thread][1].

A tip: Avoid the word ‘mountain’ in the name as there is already a mountain world

[1]: [Idea] Volcanoe World Name


Thanks a lot :grinning: :grinning:


After volcano they should make space


That sounds like a cool idea. But in the future, please try no to bring up topics that have been dead