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Free Code Combat - Kelvintaph Glacier 14/27


Just curious, I play without a subscription, and I’m wondering if there’s any content after completing 14/27 levels in Kelvintaph Glacier. I’ve been having a blast getting back into coding, but it kind of “ends” after ‘The Golden Choice’ with not much ceremony.

If it is, I’ll just go replay old levels with new knowledge, I’m just curious.




@Kevitto That sounds about right. I think there might be another level in the works but it hasn’t been released yet. Have you done the web development or game development campaigns yet?

You could always start looking into developing levels:

They also open sourced the code if you want to help with code bugs


Thanks for the clarification! I’ll look into it.


Apart from Harry’s excellent suggestions, CodeCombat also releases new levels weekly—they are spread through all worlds though, not specifically at the last one.