Is the server down or what?!?!

I was just playing Code Combat today when all of a sudden I couldn’t load one of the levels, and I don’t exactly remember the error but I believe it said 504. I then tried reloading the page, and when I finally got it to work, it was a blank screen, and I believe that thumbnail picture was changed. I’m trying to stay ahead of all my brothers levelwise on this, but that is hard to do when the game is unplayable… Anyone know why?

Any help much appreciated! :slight_smile:

I have the same problem on two computers, its definitively changed thumbnails, loads nothing instantly… Is this a server thing?

NVM its working now, but I’d still like to know the problem.

We’re trying to help you as fast as possible, but we’re usually not 11 Minutes fast. Give us spoiler[/spoiler] a moment.
Whatever, I’m glad to hear that your problem solved itself. The error code 504 indicates that one side (usually the server or any gateway inbetween) was a bit slow with the answer. This can for example happen when the server is busy doing something else. Maybe there was a patch going on, or a lot of people decided to submit there code at the same moment. If you see this error often, please open a topic explaining exactly what happened. Your topic should contain:

  • What you did that caused the error
  • Error Code (if there is one)
  • Console Log (open the console with Ctrl+Shift+K [in Firefox] or Ctrl+Shift+J [in Chrome])

This contains a lot of useful information which enables us to track your error down.

I hope you have a good and error-free time,


We did go down for several minutes this morning before I restored server functionality. It might have been related to load, but it also could just be a bug. We’ll be keeping an eye out as we look for the bug.

Sorry for the much much late, and in fact, I’m starting to feel like one of those dreaded people by all admins who re-open dead topics persons, but I just must say thank you for your response. Now read this and ignore it so I don’t re-open the topic please!!! :stuck_out_tongue: