Is there a way to bypass the like rules

the title say it all

I don’t think so cuz spamming likes is not good.

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okay tjank you for your help but i want a positive answer

uhhh @ZAX155 rules are set for a reason…

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Same. Also, @Falcons118 is right. Even I knew the positive answer I wouldn’t say, because it’s unfair and against rules.

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i know but @Chaboi_3000 or @nick might know

Do you really think that they will tell you it?

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ok thats like saying is there a way to bypass the three posts limit
no because then people would just be able to spam posts which would annoy everyone

if i asked enough they might tell me it in a PM

Okay, you can ask them, I’m leaving this topic.

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no they wont because that wont be fair to other people
it will also make others demand them for ways to bypass things
@ZAX155 I dont think its a good idea to do that…

okay i am fine with that

okay i will deletle this topic then

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First of all, they won’t, and secondly, I don’t think it would be a good plan to waste nick and chaboi’s time with this.
Topics asking for exploits (on coco, or here) are not allowed…