PM Likes System

Hey guys hope yall are doing good. We all know that when someone likes your post, it shows up on how many likes you have received under your profile. However, a lot of people have been wondering why likes received in PMs do not count for some reason. For example I liked a person’s posts that would have added up to more than 10 posts but I checked their profile hours later and their likes did not show that the posts I had liked had been accounted for. So basically I am saying if this is intentional I would like to know why and if nobody has never thought of this before I think this could be changed.


but maybe the public wants to know the posts that were liked and maybe we shouldn’t make it so you can like people.

I think I’ve mentioned this many times before, but we don’t develop the software for Discourse, so please ask their official forum any questions regarding anything related to the software of this forum.