Can reactions count as likes?

So, I was thinking, now that we have reactions, it’s much harder to get badges like “nice reply”. Say I have 8 likes on a post and 2 reactions. If we didn’t have reactions, I would’ve gotten “nice reply”. But since there are reactions, I didn’t.
Can reactions count as likes? This way if I have 6 likes on a post, 1 lol reaction, and 2 surprised reactions, I would get the badge? What do you think about this @Chaboi_3000?


I kinda repeated myself to make my point clearer :neutral_face:.

I think reactions count as one like iirc.

It doesn’t because one of the examples actually happened to me. I had 2 reactions and 8 likes. And it’s took 2 more real likes to get the badge. So I know for sure it doesn’t.

so then why did you ask?

Because I’m asking if he can somehow switch it, so it counts as a like.
I guess I didn’t make that clear, did it?