Is this supposed to be like this?

I cant play the level even after i switch my armor to what it points at, besides, why do i need to equip the weaker armor?

This is for the level “Taunting” in the Backwoods Forest

Yeah, I used a ranger for the level but when I tried it with a warrior the same thing happened, I don’t think that could be right, @Bryukh is the one who made the level hopefully he’ll know.
P.S. if it’s something simple sorry for disturbing you @Bryukh I just thought no one else would know except for maybe @maka

Yeah I see whats going on, I tried with warrior it point an armor too, and when I select a ranger or ritic it point the arbalest which is at the same spot of that armor.

the script probably detect that the arbalest is not equiped and disregard which hero is being used

Thanks. Should be fixed now. Maybe few hours later (cache update).

Because in taunting you don’t have any hard to beat ogres (like a brawler) to kill by sword it should be ok to have weak armor. But it is your choice if you don’t mind or mind. In my opinion it doesn’t matter.

you were not able to start the mission at all without putting arbalest on.
It is corrected now. And mission can be done with all characters