Whats up with this?

It says that this got released but isn’t it level 66? apparently, you need for a level called swift dagger its here on backwoods forest:

yup heres proof that its level 66:

could you guys see what’s wrong with it?

It should be fixed now.


There still seems to be an issue with it.

The mission demands the Charge Belt but it has it restricted in this level.

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For now, equipping any secondary item with throw() should work. I’ll try to find a better solution.

Thank you for the help.

hello everyone,

I have the same problem

It seems like no matter the hero, all belts are disabled on this level, I have tried to buy and equipedifferent items with throw() but the game will not let me start the level (button is greyed out).

Removed the item itself for now. Try on direct.codecombat.com. Sorry for the inconvenience!

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Thank you very much the level started !