Square Shield - adventurer feedback

Pretty good level, I like how the concept is explored. Though, it seems the barrier animation is off even though my solution is correct:


Hm, it’s weird. I was sure I solved that problem.
Could you please show your code? Or send it me in Slack (I think it will be better).

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Sure, I’ve sent a direct message with the code snippet to you in Slack. :smile:

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Could you check it please? I can’t reproduce it. Maybe You got that problem before I fixed it. Could you also check it with ‘direct.codecombat.com’ - maybe it’s a cache problem and you see the old version.

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I’m still seeing the bug even in direct.codecombat.com. Please check these game sessions: [1] [2]

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Mmmmm, yeah, it’s weird. Thanks. I will try to find it, but first I need to reproduce it.

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HAHA! I think I know where the problem is. I tested it in dev mode, but without it, it works another way. Now I know how to reproduce that bug and it means the half of the success :slight_smile:

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Ok. It should work now (I hope). Could you check it?

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It is working nicely now, good job! :smile:

Another small nit: Boss Stars 1 and 2 are restricted, but you can still equip Boss Stars 3 and 4. Not sure if this really matters at the point in the game when the user reaches that level, and I believe summoning and commanding troops is harder than just moving the two paladins to the right place, but yeah.

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It’s required because you need command by paladins. I think summoning will not help to solve that level.

It’s required because you need command by paladins.

Of damn course. My bad. :sweat_smile:

I thought about summoning archers/griffin-riders to kill the yetis before they reach my hero, but haven’t tried it yet.

You can try, but I think it can be a problem. Yetis are strong.

Anyway, we don’t totally forbid alternative solutions. If you are smart enough to find another (tricky) way, then why not :wink:

Yeah, I believe alternative solutions are fine as long as they don’t make the level ridiculously easy. I’m also aware that it is not practical nor viable to prevent all possible alternative solutions due to the game complexity, and allowing alternative solutions is not a bad thing at all—creative thinking is important and necessary for innovation.

Back on topic, the Yetis are pretty tough and really hard to beat with combat alone. So instead of fighting them, I tried the opposite direction and hid myself from them by surrounding my character with fences (not the most creative solution, admittedly). You can beat the level with this code (Python):

for x, y in ((0, 1), (0, -1), (1, 0), (-1, 0)):
    hero.buildXY("fence", x * 3 + self.pos.x, y * 3 + self.pos.y)

Perhaps it would be worth blacklisting hammers for this level too? :wink:

It’s not a good practice. I think I know how to solve it :wink:

After some time… Yeah, it’s the simplest and the best way for that level :slight_smile:


If you change the goals from “survive” to “all humans must survive”, then you don’t need to worry about the hammers.

Thanks. Added in Todo.