It is possible to heal off of allies without nalfar

drain life from your friends!

with what and how?

by using bossstar 1 or more and a unholty tome

A couple points to make, the Unholy Tome works on enemies as well. So you don’t need to sacrifice your allies for health. Use it against the enemies and drain their health while reviving yourself. Win-Win

I don’t believe you need a boss-star for this spell, only the Tome. You do want to check the range of the enemies since the spell only works within a limited range (15 m).

I did notice that each level of the Tome gives you more damage points that become your health points.

Level 1: 8 DPS
Level 5: 76 DPS


From a moral point of view, it is wrong to sacrifice your allies. I don’t think that should be possible even in any game.
Brooksy, I can’t believe my eyes, I’m so glad to see you!


but this is for when you have low health and their are no enemies

If there are no enemies, why do you need more health? It’s much more satisfying to beat a level with no casualties, i have posted videos and animations passing levels this way.

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and you needed to survive 1 more minute and you were poisoned and no potions were around you

what are the chances of that, plus, you could just use heal or regen

once every 100000000000000000000000000000 levels

There isn’t even that many levels

unless you do all of the level editor levels

Welcome back @brooksy125! We’ve been missing you so much!
Unholy Tome is undoubtedly the most versatile book out of the three categories. It’s interesting to see how “vamparism” works compared to pure offensive(Normal attacks) or healing(Regen). It’s likely that allies are better off being alive as they’re meant to be a combat-oriented unit, and the only situation when combat is required is when there’s enemies, which means you can drain-life from enemies instead of allies.

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