Spell power growth

If you increase your stats (by grow, sacrifice or other kind of thing) does your spell damage increace too?

Well, try it and see if it does or not.

I don’t think so :sleepy:, (SuperSmacker I’m only saying in case xantar can’t do it and is deciding whether to buy a thing which has that ability or not.)

@Deadpool198 xantar has all the books (i think he said that before)

k, i didn’t know that.

Ya I have, cause I want to decide between Attacking enemy or Draining Life from it.

@xantar if I were you, I’d attack enemy until I’m low in health, then I’ll spam summon soldiers and form a shield so I can drain without taking dmg

Nope it doesn’t work (tested), resping friends and sacrifising every single is better

There’s a 2 sec cooldown on sacrifice tho right

It says here that it would increase attack and health.you’re spells aren’t considered attacks,so it wouldn’t increase you’re spell damage. not shown here, sacrifice granted by ‘necromancer’ or nalfar, It says that it would increase your health, attack damage, and speed.

Ya,but summoning takes some time too

One more question: how to check attack damage???

hero.say(hero.attackDamage()) to see your attack damage, and if you want to do something when your attack damage is like at least 200, use if hero.attackDamage() >= 200:.

Yeah I know, Im not a noob (4 levels to the end of the game!)
But It doesn’t work this is why I ask

what doesn’t work? (20)


what did you do in that line.

just I dont have the method! What item do i get to check that?

I believe that wands and staffs don’t have it.

Every weapon should have an “attackDamage()” Component. Just check the items list, when you launch the level and go to your weapon and you should see an “attackDamage()” in your weapon’s section and click on it, and you should see the damage,