Item sell suggestion

So if I wonder if we can sell items that we buy with full price.

This has been suggested before, but seemingly it hasn’t gained much momentum. A quick search on the forum will find many articles relating to selling items, some over 6 years old, so unfortunately it seems that we may not get selling items implemented for a while, if ever.


The staff said that they are planning on selling items, but not for the full price, because otherwise it would be „overpowered“


For example, imagine selling The Shiver… and that’s 21000 :gem:. A bit too far, don’t you think :face_with_raised_eyebrow: (But don’t get me wrong, I’d feel like a million if I could :star_struck: :money_mouth_face:)

Edit: Got my prices wrong, it’s the Shiver I meant.


I like the selling idea but at like 50% at most.


Mabye but before I also brought unwanted item carelessly and I know the pain u will fell very unhappy

I think if u used it u can only sell for half price but if u haven’t u can sell for full price

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Or like 75% of the price. To me full price seems a little to much.

Maybe if you sell it within 30 minutes of buying it you get the whole amount of gems returned, but if you sell it later, you only get 50%

so if people selll the items which he didnt use but already buy it long before?
he didnt use it but he still can only sell it for half price.Not fair
if the time starts at the time updates,the some people might need to wake up at 2am or 3am to sell it at full price

Perhaps it’s less the time, but the levels instead. Maybe you can do about 2 levels to test it, and if you don’t like it you can sell it for full price. But after 2 levels, you can sell it for half the price.

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very good idea! But this offer is only for the first time you buy.You still can sell it with full price by not using it in stage after the first time u buy.

If you can sell the saint sword how much will it cost


We can suggest in here.Nick is commented in here and we can ping him

id say nothing you got it from a level