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Joining a class by teacher code when using individual account?


I would like to join a teachers class without losing my progress, hero, and gems.


Have you had an experience where you lost your progress, hero etc.? Or do you mean joining a clan?


No, I have already been playing and my teach set up a class is there a way
that I can join her class without losing what I already have?


I think so. I’ll invite @nick


You’ll want to make a new student account to join that class so that you can also keep your individual account’s progress, items, and gems.

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Yeah…that is kinda what I was thinking but I wasn’t sure. Cause after you get a student account. Then you can join a class and keep all of your stuff. Thanks @nick


but what if I want to have all my stuff in my student account?
is there any way I can transfer it?


@nick @Luke10 I meant what PLATYPUS_KING is saying. Keep everything from an individual account and transfer it to a student account.


I don’t think you can…


oh. you can make a student account, then sign in with google+
it worked for me. thnx :slight_smile:


Oh…wow…why didn’t I think of that. Very good @PLATYPUS_KING, smart move! :smile: