Just a funny glitch

is this the almighty duck :open_mouth:


Any idea what the duck’s abilities are?


Correction, The QUACKQUAKE

Are they actually going to release it? :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually, that would be pretty cool - a really loud quack that stuns any enemies within 30m for ten seconds. I’d buy a duck that could do something like that.


free rubber ducky to those who don’t even know what it is (jk)

@MunkeyShynes, You got an new profile picture, that’s sick! I love it.
Was it CoCo you got you it, as a custom reward thing for being an ambassador, or did you, do something else?

Munk and I received an avatar as a gift? Probably from being a moderator. :man_shrugging: It’ll come to you eventually, I’m sure. Just don’t start begging for them because the devs are busy with thangs… If you want to, go to the thang editor and see the new pets. Some are the robot, the dragonling, tiger, etc…

Hope that doesn’t destroy my computer speakers

It’s from CoCo for having been around and helping out for a long time around here.

It’s the art team according to Maka. I don’t know exactly who though. :slight_smile:

Yaaaaaaasss! CoCo accepted my suggestion!

I feel like we should discuss pets on another topic…

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:open_mouth: WHAT IF THE dragonling IS IN VOLCANO!!!

than you’ll either never rescue him or he’ll attack you to the death.

Guys, as Gamestack mentioned, please move on to this topic. Announcement: Pets.

Although I agree Chaboi, It is kind of hard not to gravitate to pet… this topic is a “Funny glitch” for a pet, so… its hard not to talk about pets.
But I agree with Chaboi

It should quack out “Combat” a la Affffffflac! Hahaha

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