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Announcement: Pets


Introducing: Pets!

The time has come! Continue your journey through CodeCombat with a faithful companion. You may have seen hints in the past of being able to have your own familiar, and now you can! Travel through the Backwoods Forest with a Wolf pup, brave the sandy Sarven Desert with a baby Griffin, and survive the perilous cliffs of Cloudrip Mountains with a Yeti bab.
Pets are not just adorable and fierce-looking sidekicks. They also deepen your coding gameplay with new methods and mechanics! Create a thread to run in parallel with the hero's code, using events! Command various pets to perform actions related to their type.
  • Dungeon Mimics bounce around and fetch items for the hero.
  • Baby Griffins can fly over obstacles and hazards.
  • Cougars can speak, of course.

New effects and levels coming soon to put your multi-threading to the test!

Subscribers can unlock their own personal pet now! Return to the Dungeon campaign and complete the [Dread Door]( to gain access to the very first (and very adorable) Wolf Pup.

Got ideas on what kind of pets you want to see in CodeCombat? Comment below!

Just a funny glitch
pinned #2


Dragon pet to burn them ALL !

Wise Owl to heal a Hero and party

RoboTank to build and fortify positions


Yay animals. (20 characters)


What animals can do? Can the fight?


i want a pig .maybe it can call some little pigs .


I would want like a fox or something


Awwwwww those images are so adorable! heart eye emojiiiiiiiiiiiiiii :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

I’m probably too late to ask for what pets I want to see in CodeCombat but I’ve always wanted a phoenix for a pet!

I noticed that pugicorn was already there :dog: :unicorn:


How do you get a baby griffin?


You must buy it in shop for 4000 gems upon reaching level 66


I saw someone get it as a requirement in the level loud quietness.


They purchased it from the shop


66 level is impossible now. It’s more like to limit items for purchasing. The griffin pet will be available soon.


yay(I really want griffin pet)


Aw come on! Really? :angry:
So there is a limit for the number of simulated games you can have?


No limits, but experience and gems for simulated games are not linear.


Ah, I see. Okay.

So it will be temporarily unavailable until the pets are developed and then level 66 will be set to become possible again?


@Hellenar, it might get released with the 3 new heroes and the new world:the lava castle.


That sounds so cool! I can’t wait until I beat the glacier campaign. :volcano:

along with

I just made an oxymoron with “lava castle” and “cool” :joy:


Also I think the 5th boss star and programaticon 6 is going to get released.
Check this topic: