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Just set up this forum


Well, Michael set it up a while ago, but we hadn’t linked to it. Now, since the launch, we’ve been getting so many emails that we thought it’d be great to have a lot of these discussions in public instead.

So let us know what’s broken, what’s bad, what’s great, and what could be great. Or just introduce yourself. Welcome!


Good stuff Nick. beautiful concept.
Looking forward to the additional levels and character cast.


Nicely done.
By the way, I can’t login using facebook. Maybe it’s broken?

I’m excited about this initiave. Keep going!


Great job, Nick! Keep it up on the dev side. I’m excited to see the Contribution thangs work out, and I hope that I will be selected!


Thanks for letting us know. Do you mean the CodeCombat Facebook login doesn’t work, or the Discourse Facebook login doesn’t work? (They are separate logins for now.)


I mean the Discourse Facebook login. As soon as I click the button, a new window appears with this:

   "error": {
      "message": "Missing client_id parameter.",
      "type": "OAuthException",
      "code": 101


@schmatz when you get some time, can you take a look into this one?