Kelvintaph Defiler SOS

I need help on Kelvintaph Defiler. My main question is how can you make your soldiers/archers attack? I have been stuck on this level for about a year, and I had to delete my code a lot, so I have no code right now. It is really annoying me and I have just been doing arenas for the past few months because I am too tired to work on this level. Please help!


if you need more help just @ing me

yeah, hero.command does not let them attack, even the archers.

this level is very confusing, but you can complete.
once you realize that, the way to win is too easy, but i think the point of the level is trial and error.

Use hero.command(). if you really want to know how, i can tell you.

I can’t command the archers to attack

then, i give you hint.


did you command before your friends were captured?
maybe, you need to command quickly.

ok, I think I figured it out. dont give me any more hints until I say

ok, I had written code that almost let me win, but now a seed switched and it doesn’t work. the seed I was using had the soldier in the top-left corner get freed by herself. now she doesn’t and I don’t know what to do.

Ok, nevermind


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