Kelvintaph Glacier After World

What world lies beyond the Kelvintaph Glacier???

Levels are still being created, and that world hasn’t been released yet.

Ohhh… So nobody can access it yet. That’s y it has question marks??? I thought it was some top secret thing!!! How long until its release??

It’s not that they’re keeping it secret so much as they haven’t written it yet. They’re still finishing up Kelvintaph.

New levels are released weekly. But the new levels are not always endgame levels, there are many gaps to fill in the other maps.

Glacier levels usually take a fair deal of time and effort to make and refine, so it might take a while to reach another map. In the other hand, once the glacier campaign is “complete enough”, the admins may decide to advance to the new map and still fill in the gaps for Glacier and other maps later.

Also, note that each map usually covers a defined set of concepts, I don’t know whether the volcano map has been assigned a concepts set yet. I believe this is the first thing to be done when starting to fill a new map.

Right. We actually need to do a fair amount of work on the earlier levels to fix the pacing and smooth over the hard parts, since it’s pretty difficult to even get to the glacier right now. It’ll probably be a while until we get to the volcano world. Open to ideas as to what its name should be!

Ohhhhh… So the Glacier World is takking longer not only because it’s bigger but because the levels are more complex since it uses more complex functions. Right? Btw, thx 4 giving us the opprtunity to give the volcanoe world a name!!! I’ll open a new thread about this.

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