Volcano Questions

I have some questions about the last island, the volcano.

  1. What will it be called?
  2. What is the release date?

I think they’re still working on it. I don’t believe they have a name or a release date yet. We just need to wait for awhile.

Could you notify me when the release date comes out?

Yeah, but I don’t know if there will be one. They might just release it :woman_shrugging:. But if there is one, I can @ you or pm you.

Thanks!(20 characters)

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Being completely honest, I don’t expect it to be released within 3 years.

Oof. That’s a long time. I can imagine though, that it takes a lot of time to create. Plus your doing other updates while creating it.

Wow. Could you give me a link to the first level once it’s basic structure is complete?

Who, me or Chaboi? I probably could if it comes out 1 level at a time and I’m still here and I’ve finished the glacier.

Anyone.(20 characters)

Well I’ve book marked this topic so I’ll remember to let you know if I can.

And probably focusing more on Ozaria. :smirk:

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wait But i can play Volcano world I thought every1 could

:woman_facepalming:, you’re confusing things. Please don’t post HTML stuff unless it’s helpful.

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oops sorryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy I am a bit off topic in topics

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WAIT WHAT!! YOU FINISHED GLACIER!!! and here I am struggling with broken circles.

In Shock and Sincerely,

and I also have 1 question. What will they teach us in the Volcano World.


Nobody knows.
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I think just more advanced techincs?