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Kithgard Gates treasure


completed the level but can’t figure out how to get to treasure chest :frowning:

self.buildXY(“fence”, 36, 26)
self.buildXY(“fence”, 36, 34)
self.buildXY(“fence”, 39, 30)


on completion no looted the chest Bonus :frowning:


You might want to come back to that one once you have more gear and abilities; the loot-the-chest bonus is almost impossible to get when you first encounter Kithgard Gates. (And if you figure out a way to do it, don’t spoil it.)


So cool :smiley: I Dint even know that a bonus existed :smiley: I did it btw :smiley:


hi it won’t work for me don’t know how to solve this level and already tried the code above


the numbers are wrong in the code above