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Kithgard gate bonus chest not working


i dont know what the bonus chest is but i did get it but the bonus is not showing can someone who has already got it show me the success page so i know what i should really get or if i already got it

btw this is what my success page looks like

if you could help me that would be awesome i am super stoked about beating the level though nice addition


I’m not sure the bonus chest is actually worth anything; it’s just there as an addition.


i dont even know if i got any gems


You mean you don’t think you got any gems for the level? Or that you didn’t get any extra from the chest?


i don’t think i got any extra gems for it (not that it would do anything considering the fact that the dungeon level doesn’t give a lot of gems) :smile:

sorry for not emphasizing my statment


As I said earlier, the bonus chest doesn’t actually do anything. It’s just there.



are you a co creator of the game btw cause your very helpful


I thank you for the compliment. However, I am not a co-creator of the game.


yo whats you name in the actual game i was trying to look you up on the cavern survival leaderboard with no luck mine is deandre i am in 89 place with 187 wins and 9 losses dont know if that is good or bad but yah :smile:

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and i forgot how to manually submit a match without my progress being deleted( has happened countless times before)