Treasured in Ice help please

Good afternoon everybody,

I am struggling to solve this level, can i get some ideas on how to get started


This level is sosososo hard. I’ve being trying to use things like swap and skeles but it never works. Very hard. Try to make it that the hero moves down until it’s X POS is equal to the chests X POS, then move around using if pathclear. I recommend trying to save the path you’re doing with a list, so when you have the chest, you can just follow the list in reverse.
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@lukas31 I did not subscribe to codecombat the level just popped up, can you please tell me how to solve this with a normal hero

And @lukas31 could you please help me with how to turn my character 90 degrees clockwise because I need that.

Thank you,

How to turn your character 90 degrees? Please elaborate

So, what I mean is that when the hero does not find the gate open to his left side, he has to turn 90 degrees to the right to check the down side for the gate. Do you get what I mean

I think so. Take a step to the right and then use if path clear

ok, I’ll try that

PS: thank you for spending time with me for solving my level

No problem. If you need any more help, on this or another level, don’t be afraid to ask for help.