Koraths promise talk

Have you tried the counter blast spell yet?

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The koraths promise is op when you cast it on yourself and while it’s still working, summon some allies. the allies will be invulnerable

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Weird. It seems like effects on hero transfers to summoned units, like how summoned units get the earthskin effect. Seems like a bug to me.

Another note, counter blast changes the unit’s takeDamage property, but it seems like the special takeDamage function isn’t there for summoned units. :grimacing: @nick should we disable the ability for now while we try to fix the effects system?

don’t report the bug!!! it’s good

at least keep the fact that it transfers onto summoned units

Well its still a bug so I think it should be reported.


It’s a bug, so it will be patched. :slight_smile:


Bug should be fixed now :+1:


im deleting my account. this bug helped me win so many brawls. no offense, you ruined everything. :cry: :sob:

I understand the frustration, however it was always a bug, and bugs are meant to be patched. Please understand that a patch was necessary to fix balance within the game.

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sorry for rage quitting…
can you please make an item that did the same as the bug

That would be too strong since units will just be invulnerable forever. However, Undying Ring is able to grant a 2nd life to a target and few seconds of invincibility, which is similar in concept.

what about one that makes them invulnerable for 10 seconds

I’m a little lost there. The only rings that give invulnerability are:
King’s Ring: Absorbs damage for gold
Undying Ring: Grants 2nd life + short invul.