Should I buy koraths promise

Do you think koraths promise is useful?

  • Yes
  • No

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Yes, it’s useful, but what equipment do you have? (send a screenshot please)

There are more that likes koraths promise should I wait or more votes

  • Earth ring
  • Invisibility ring
  • Speed ring
  • Koraths promise

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What ring should I buy

You should buy Order Of The Paladin, very useful, heal you and your allies and drain the life of enemy skeletons, of course, if you have enough gems or if you have it. (You didn’t include that in the poll)

But it doesn’t deal damage to ogres it also doesn’t make you immune to damage @escaper10101

Now should I buy invisibility ring

But it is really useful.

If you have enough gems for order of the paladin, you should get it.

I don’t have enough gems but I will save up

How many do you have?

2539 gems @moonwatcher348

Hmmmm, what world are you on?

Cloudrip mountain level reindeer wakeup

moonwatcher348 should I use order of paladin?

Try saving up, yeah.

Do you thnk it is better than shield?

Depends on which shield.

Second best shield moonwatcher348

Hmmmm, yes, because it heals all the units near you.