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Ladder replays not loading


Let me start by apologizing for any mistakes, I’m new but I try to keep to the rules

I’ve searched the forums for similar problems, but the most similar thread is from April '15, and does not contain a solution. The problem I’m having is that I can’t watch any of my played ladder games. If I click the links ‘Watch your victory’ or ‘Defeat the Blue’ it goes to the next page, I hear the ‘Codecombat’ shout, I see the loading bar (it fills up), but then it just stops.

First I thought the problem might be my browser (Firefox 46.0.1), so I downloaded Google Chrome (Version 50.0.2661.102 m), but this did not fix the problem. I would really like to see the replays, since my latest creation has (up to now) only lost once, so I’d like to learn why.

If there is anything I can do to help troubleshoot please let me know!

Edit: Javascript console from Chrome

Console output
views/play 25 files, 1668 KB defaults for Level Dueling Grounds in 43ms has been initialized from level loader. sheet:  Captain                 205ms  Sync   (Portrait) sheet:  Knight                  254ms  Sync   (Portrait)|Macaria's Krieger| Worker initialized after 3177ms Let there be light upon Dueling Grounds! (preload: false)|Macaria's Krieger| Generated random seed -1846933953 of type playerSession from sessionIDs 55e0bd5d49a7a68805c84aad,57407189d0bee72000a4374a submissionCount 5|Macaria's Krieger| couldn't load components for 529ffbf1cf1818f2be000001 Hero Placeholder 1 because SyntaxError: Unexpected token u in JSON at position 0 SyntaxError: Unexpected token u in JSON at position 0
    at Object.parse (native)
    at Function.t (
    at e.s (
    at e.u (
    at Object.e.exports.createFunction (
    at e.exports.e.createFunction (
    at t.Programmable.replaceMethodCode (eval at <anonymous> (, <anonymous>:158:20)
    at t.Programmable.deserializeAether (eval at <anonymous> (, <anonymous>:127:10)
    at Programmable.attach (eval at <anonymous> (, <anonymous>:62:27)
    at t.e.exports.t.addComponents (
    at World.module.exports.World.loadThangFromLevel (
    at World.<anonymous> (
    at World.module.exports.World.loadThangsFromLevel (
    at World.module.exports.World.loadFromLevel (
    at a (
    at DedicatedWorkerGlobalScope.<anonymous> ( |Macaria's Cyril| Worker initialized after 5008ms |Macaria's Krieger| The world ended in won on frame 90 |Macaria's Krieger| The world ended in lost on frame 90 |Macaria's Krieger|   Loaded 76 of 90 (+1002ms) SuperModel for Level loaded in 7079 ms Compiling new Component while deserializing: AutoTargetsNearest
VM170:1 Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token u in JSON at position 0t @ esper.js:19772s @ esper.js:236u @ esper.js:228e.exports.createFunction @ aether.js:21880e.exports.e.createFunction @ aether.js:21040Programmable.replaceMethodCode @ VM144:158Programmable.deserializeAether @ VM144:127Programmable.attach @ VM144:62t.exports.e.addComponents @ @ function) @ @ @ @ function) @ |Macaria's Krieger| And it was so: (34.167ms per frame, 90 frames)
Simulation   : 3075ms 
Serialization: 46ms
Delivery     : 71ms


Great troubleshooting on the console log! Let me deploy the latest version I’ve been working on, which helps transition more to the new Esper interpreter and doesn’t transpile the multiplayer code at all (more efficient this way), and let’s see if your levels load after that. Starting the deploy now, should be ready in half an hour or so.


Should be fixed if you clear your browser cache! Let me know if you see any other weirdness.


It also solves my problem, thanks a lot.


Just to confirm, this has solved my problems. Thanks a lot!