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Ladder, My Matches are blank in Dungeon Arena


On both Chrome and Firefox. I’ve tried clearing all history elements in Firefox, but the problem persists. Screen shot below.


Working on errors like this here:

(I know you are logged in, but it seems that there’s more than one thing that can cause this bug.)


Seems to be fixed now! Awesome!


I have the same problem, and tryied the same things. nothing has worked so far. my screen looks the same as Kaboomm’s screen shot.


How about now, @Animex? We’ve just deployed several fixes to this.


It seems to all be working just fine now :), thanks


The Website seems to have been updated again recently, and My “Ladder” for both Humans and Ogres is not showing up. “My Matches” and “Simulate” are fine

It says its loading and the progress bar shows up and stops before its done. The word “Loading…” and the progress bar show up in the white space where the stats are supposed to show up. Its like this for both Dungeon Arena and Brawlwood.


We’ve been continuing to work on loading problems. If you’re still seeing this, can you let me know if there are any errors in the Chrome JavaScript console related to Google+ or Facebook stuff not loading? And also: have you connected either of those accounts?

Hope to get this fixed up!


The Problem has stopped now, but i’ll give all that info if it happens again.

Also what do you mean by connecting the accounts?


Oh, you can connect your G+ or Facebook accounts to CodeCombat in order to log in with them or play against your friends. If you do that, then they often try to reconnect and sometimes we have social login code problems where popups get blocked or we try to wait until they load even if they never finish.