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Leaderboard Cleaning


Hi, hunters for the first places in leaderboards!

We’ve fixed some exploits which allowed to get “incredible” results in leaderboards (as 0.0 seconds).
Also, we’ve cleaned leaderboards from cheaters (sorry, if we removed innocents).

Please, say us if you see some exploits (non-level dependable) or some “dirty” leaderboards and we’ll investigate it.

Thank you for your amazing solutions (some of them are really jaw-dropping).


Thank for fixing the leaderboard.:grinning:


Is this a bug because I beat first place but I didn’t move up the leaderboard at all.:sob:


Sorry, I’m no sure that I got you. Could you explain it please?


He is right. After you click on “rank my game”, on whatever multiplayer game you’re playing on, there is no way to change your ladder statistics.


Great news. It is interesting to see how many of my solutions still work ;).


Most of them and you now have the most of the first places. I often use your results to distinguish cheaters and true solutions, Thanks!


Be sure to check Keechu in backwoods treasure. He cheated using boss star 4. By doing the direct link trick.


Thanks. Removed it, however, I suppose it will require more researches.


you could finish the level by using inspect.


You won’t learn though. :frowning: