[SOLVED] Blazing battle leaderboard problem... maybe

I seem to always stay at leaderboard place 125. Is there a reason this never changes besides just keeping in the same place? since yesterday I have 68 wins and only 10 losses. It doesn’t seem like I should still be in the same place as yesterday. Please help!


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I don’t think this is a bug, @Monsty .
And now I have 11 losses and 69 wins

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Uhhh I was the one that catagorized it but I think its either the ranking system is bugged, or you don’t have enough wins/losses to make a difference.

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Oops, sry @Monsty :grimacing:

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I have the same problem. If you press the more button you should see where you should actually be, but it doesn’t seem to register that position properly.
I’ll report this somewhere…


Hey guys, thanks for the bug report–we managed to track this one down to a rogue server going out of memory and not updating the rankings/matches like it should have. We fixed it last night, but it will take some time for us to get all the stats sorted out and all the games ranked properly. In the meantime, if you resubmit your code, it should play a lot of matches quickly and get you where you need to be on the ladder.